About Floventis

In 2021 Cierco and SBM Offshore formed the joint venture company, Floventis Energy, with the goal of becoming a market leader in offshore floating wind power. The joint venture brings together complementary skills and expertise to produce the know-how required to develop and deliver complex technology projects successfully in the offshore environment.


Our strategy is simple. We plan to maximize the local benefits of our projects and minimize their impact. Our technologies are far more benign than conventional offshore wind and more suited for deployment in remote and sensitive environments.

Already driving demonstration projects in California and the UK, Floventis is building a portfolio of projects to take floating offshore wind, through a stepwise process – increasing project size, to full scale commercial development proposals by 2030.

We believe that the floating offshore wind industry is a model for a “just transition” to clean energy, at scale, which will reward communities, in the broadest sense, with skilled jobs and enhanced social equity.


Through our team, we have a wide international network, allowing us to resource ourselves to meet project needs and challenges. We can provide a broad range of offshore wind management activities.

Cierco is an independent renewable energy project development company. It was established in 2001 with a simple goal – to engage in the field of offshore wind power and to drive technologies and projects that would compete with directly with the cost levels of conventional power. Cierco uses its expertise to identify which innovative technologies will maximize economic and environmental benefits in any given location.

SBM Offshore is a world leader in floating offshore energy. It takes projects, from design and supply to installation and operation, extending products’ lifespan wherever possible. Its ability to harness energy on, in and below the world’s waters positions it as a global leader in renewable energy development. As we transition from oil and gas to wind and wave, SBM Offshore is uniquely placed to drive the changes needed.

Leadership Team

Our team, connects us to a global network of expert partners. This allows us to source precisely the right people to meet specific project needs and challenges. Consequently, we can provide an exceptionally wide range of offshore wind management expertise, skills and services.

Mikael Jakobsson

Mikael founded CIERCO Corporation in 2001. His first offshore turbine started turning in 1989 and, over the past 33 years, he has built up an unrivalled knowledge of the wind energy sector, from development to deeper technology understanding as well as operational experience. Mikael has held senior management roles with some of the biggest and most progressive names in the business including Wind World, BTM, Tacke, Enron, EDF/Airicole and 2B Energy.

Scott Harper

Having a background in the Scottish National Economic Development Agency, Scott has been in the front line of multiple projects and acquired an exceptionally broad knowledge of the wind energy sector over the past 20 years. His skills include project development, managing technological innovation, undertaking strategic project planning and developing key markets. Scott is widely respected across the industry for his outstanding ability to get things done.

Olivier Morel d’Arleux

Over the past 20 years, Olivier has delivered many large-scale energy infrastructure projects including France’s Provence Grande Large wind farm. During that time, he has developed a wealth of experience and developed all of the financial, M&A, controlling and reporting skills need to facilitate floating offshore wind development.

Severine Baudic

Séverine rose to become Managing Director New Energies & Services in January 2021 and leads Renewables, Gas and Digital Services at SBM Offshore. As a hydrodynamics engineer, she has managed breakthrough technology projects. A graduate of France’s SeaTech School of Engineering, Severine has an MSc in Civil Engineering from the University of Houston.

Floating Wind

Offshore wind is now a cornerstone of the global effort to decarbonise electricity production. Floating Offshore Wind Power is set to revolutionise the offshore wind market over time. Because floating wind power is projected to be more cost effective than conventional offshore wind power, Floventis is focused on making it commercially competitive within the next decade.

The Floating Turbine

A floating wind turbine is, quite simply, a wind turbine mounted on a floating structure. This is a much more flexible solution than a fixed structure as its location is not limited by seabed depth or conditions.

There are over 30 different design concepts for the vessels that will carry the wind turbines.  Floventis is in the process of identifying the most promising of these. We will explore the options in different conditions, water depths and seabed locations to identify optimal solutions in each distinct environment

Floating wind projects offer significant opportunities for local economies as they require local involvement. Assembly, installation and ongoing maintenance operations, are undertaken in local harbours, where they create work and develop expertise

Local Impact

Floating wind projects offer significant opportunities for local economies as they require local involvement. Assembly, installation and ongoing maintenance operations, can be undertaken where local harbour infrastructure is available creating employment opportunities and building local expertise.

Floventis is committed to work with regional and local stakeholders to maximise the opportunity for ports and local businesses to support a sustainable economy.


Floventis operates in both the UK and US markets, with active involvement and contribution to the development of floating wind markets in both countries. We have adopted a strategic,  stepwise approach, enabling us to advance steadily into larger projects. We believe that a responsible and sustainable approach is key to the long-term success of the floating offshore wind industry, so it is fully integrated into our commercial ambitions. Our current project portfolio includes:


The Llŷr 1 and Llŷr 2 projects, comprising of two separate 100MW sites located south of Pembroke, on the UK’s Welsh coast.

The projects have all come forward through The Crown Estate’s Test & Demonstration leasing opportunity, created to support the development and commercialisation of pioneering, floating wind technologies. Each of the Llŷr projects will test new floating platform and mooring technologies and explore innovative designs, materials and construction approaches.

Visit the Llŷr project website


Situated off the coast of Santa Barbara in California, just west of the Vandenberg Space Force Base, CADEMO is a 60 MW demonstration project aimed at kick-starting the emergent marine renewables sector off the west coast of the United States. The project company, CADEMO Corporation, aims to have the project operational by 2026, providing a new source of renewable energy for the California market and a stepping-stone for large-scale commercial projects right along the Californian seaboard.

Visit the CADEMO project website.

  • Cademo Cademo (60 MW)
  • Llŷr Llŷr x2 (100 MW)


Thursday 2nd May, 2024

California Community Power and CADEMO Execute Offshore Wind MOU
Memorandum of Understanding will advance a first-of-its-kind project.


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Wednesday 17th April, 2024

Industrial Growth Strategy
Renewable UK publishes Industrial Growth Strategy.


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Tuesday 12th March, 2024

SPARC powers progress for women in power, renewables and construction
Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Wales, Fay Jones, has welcomed the launch of the Sustainable Power, Renewables, and Construction (SPARC) Alliance in Pembrokeshire.


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Monday 12th February, 2024

Three Welsh companies selected for F4OR
Ledwood Mechanical Engineering, Mainstay Marine Solutions and CELSA Steel UK have been named as the three Welsh companies selected to take part in the first Fit 4 Offshore Renewables (F4OR) programme in Wales.


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Friday 12th January, 2024

Llŷr 1 Public Consultation
Public consultation on Llŷr 1 will run from Monday 15 January to Sunday 11 February 2024.


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Friday 24th November, 2023

CfD Allocation Round 6 Predictions
Miriam Noonan shares her views on the announcement by UK Government to increase the strike price caps for the upcoming Contract for Difference (CfD) round.


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Monday 20th November, 2023

Contract for Difference
Tess Blazey, Director of Policy and External Affairs for Floventis Energy responds to the announcement that UK Government has increased the maximum strike for offshore wind projects.


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Friday 10th November, 2023

Deadline extended for the first Fit 4 Offshore Renewables (F4OR) programme in Wales
You now have until Friday 17 November to apply to take part in the Offshore Renewable Energy (ORE) Catapult’s first Fit 4 Offshore Renewables (F4OR) programme in Wales.


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Thursday 9th November, 2023

Plug the gap
Tess Blazey responds to a new report published by RenewableUK Cymru showing that wind power has the potential to generate 9GW of energy for Wales over the next decade, but only if an ambitious delivery plan with enabling actions is put in place now.


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Tuesday 24th October, 2023

Floventis backs Milford Youth Matters with grants for young people
Stephen Crabb, the MP for Preseli Pembrokeshire has welcomed the launch of the new grant funding initiative.

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Monday 23rd October, 2023

Join Floventis to get ready for offshore wind
Sign up for the next supply chain event on 30 October 2023

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Wednesday 18th October, 2023

Future Energy Wales 2023

Join us at Future Energy Wales 2023 for our Fit4OR Wales Supply Chain Event.  Book your place here using the code FEWsupply23 to get a discount of 50% on standard ticket prices.

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Monday 16th October, 2023

Sara Jones leads on our stakeholder engagement in Wales

Sara explains the collaborative approach that we’re taking to working in partnership with education.

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Friday 13th October, 2023

Walk before you run

Cian Conroy, Head of Development for the UK & Ireland, discusses the need for test and demonstration sites in the UK.

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September 20, 2023

ORE Catapult launches first floating offshore wind supply chain development programme in Wales with Floventis Energy

The Offshore Renewable Energy (ORE) Catapult has launched the first Fit 4 Offshore Renewables (F4OR) programme in Wales – specifically designed to support local companies bidding for work in the floating offshore wind industry.

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September 11, 2023

Our response to AR5

Tess Blazey, Director of Policy and External Relations for Floventis Energy responds to AR5.

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August 31, 2023

Supply chain opportunities 

Over 110 businesses interested in bidding for work in the floating offshore wind industry attended a free on online supply chain awareness event in June. The presentation is now available here. More events will be announced shortly but, in the meantime, you can register for supply chain opportunities here.

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August 31, 2023

Supply chain opportunities 

Over 110 businesses interested in bidding for work in the floating offshore wind industry attended a free on online supply chain awareness event in June. The presentation is now available here. More events will be announced shortly but, in the meantime, you can register for supply chain opportunities here.

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June 28, 2023

Miriam Noonan named Rising Star of the Year

Miriam Noonan receives the prestigious Rising Star of the Year award at the 2023 Wind Investment Awards, organized by Tamarindo. The event recognized outstanding contributions to the global wind sector, highlighting achievements in finance, development, and innovation.

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June 14, 2023

Minister calls on businesses and education to work together to tackle climate change

Minister urges business-education collaboration for climate action. Emphasis on inspiring STEM careers and promoting renewable energy education initiatives.

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May 30, 2023

Invitation to meet the buyer

An invitation for businesses to register for a free online supply chain event hosted by Business Wales, Sell2Wales, and Floventis Energy.

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May 24, 2023

Pembrokeshire school children visit London to share their love of the Celtic Sea

Pembrokeshire school children visit London to share their love of the Celtic Sea, showcasing their artwork and promoting renewable energy opportunities.

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May 19, 2023

Good luck to Miriam

Our Commercial Manager Miriam Noonan has been short-listed for the 2023 Wind Investment Awards, for the ‘Rising Star of the Year’ award.

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May 2, 2023

Next generation to explore green energy out of the blue

Floventis Energy has partnered with the Darwin Centre to inspire the next generation of STEM superstars in Pembrokeshire.

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April 27, 2023

A look behind the development of Llŷr 1 & 2

My career has been spent delivering large-scale design and engineering projects, so I was delighted to join Floventis Energy to work alongside Project Director Olivier Marchand on the development of the Llŷr 1 and 2 floating offshore wind farms in the Celtic Sea.

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March 21, 2023

Blog by Alex Gauntt

Alex reflects on floating wind and the need for multiple ‘stepping-stone’ projects.

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March 20, 2023

Wales in France for floating offshore wind trade visit

An industry trade delegation to France has been learning about the scale and potential of floating wind in the Celtic Sea to revitalise port infrastructure and create supply chain opportunities.

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March 13, 2023

Kent awarded Owner’s Engineer Contract for Llŷr 1 and 2

Llŷr, a flagship project for the UK, will further transform the world’s ability to generate renewable electricity from wind. Llŷr projects are demonstrating the potential of two innovative floating offshore wind platforms within an array of 6 – 8 units each.

View Press Release

Building a diverse and inclusive team


We’re profiling some of the women that are making waves in the offshore wind industry by leading the journey to net-zero.

View a day in the life of Miriam Noonan

March 03, 2023


Plans for two 100MW floating wind farms in the Celtic Sea are progressing with the completion of benthic and geophysical surveys in readiness for the submission of a full Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) by developers Floventis Energy. The company is also opening offices in Pembroke Dock.

View Press Release

November 17, 2022


Setting a new path for the floating offshore wind industry, CADEMO has reached agreement with California’s labor unions to build and operate the state’s first offshore wind project with a union workforce. 

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November 12, 2021

The Crown Estate develops proposals for floating wind in Celtic Sea, outlining 4GW opportunity

The Crown Estate has published further detail on its plans for floating wind leasing in the Celtic Sea, confirming its ambition to unlock up to 4GW of new clean energy capacity in England and Wales and help establish a new industrial sector for the UK. The leasing process will deliver enough new capacity to provide clean power for almost four million more homes, in support of the UK’s net zero target, as well as creating opportunities for significant new investment in jobs, skills, and infrastructure.

See further info from Crown Estate here.

See Floventis Press Release here.

October 21, 2021

The State of California today took an important step toward making offshore wind power a reality in Pacific Ocean waters off the state’s coastline. 

In a unanimous vote, the State Lands Commission decided to move the CADEMO project forward into the environmental review process – a crucial regulatory step toward bringing the State’s first offshore wind project into operation. 

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